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Quickly Change to Healthy Anger for Parents



➡️ This is a mastermind learning and coaching package

Is your anger hurting your kids?

Be a happier and smarter parent by the weekend -


Empower yourself to quickly change your anger - and improve and deepen your relationship with your children, your spouse/partner and other family members.


Quickly change to Healthy Anger and feel calmer and closer to your children.

Learn and change the #1 cause of your anger!

You get exclusive 1-on-1 personal concierge-quality support during this entire quick anger change process.

You get three (3) resource/reference books:

Change Your Anger, Change Your Life Curriculum

How Changing Your Anger Will Help You Be a Smarter Parent

The Anger Control Workbook

Here’s what’s included –

You’ll learn and master:

  • How to know if your anger is hurting your kids - Your Parenting Anger Impact Assessment Guide
  • How to know the first thing to do when you begin to get angry - Your Emergency Anger First Aid Kit 
  • How to quickly get calm in the heat of an angry moment - The One Minute Calm Down
  • How to stay calm as your children try to provoke you - Your Personal Stress Plan
  • How to learn more about your anger process - Your Personal Anger Log
  • How to make it easier and quicker to change your anger - 3 Simple Steps to Quickly Change Your Anger
  • How to make changing your anger long lasting - Your Personal Anger Inoculation
  • How does your parenting style affect your anger - The Authoritative Parent’s Guide to Healthy Anger
  • How to effectively discipline your children without getting angry - Teaching Through Healthy Anger Game Plan
  • How to make sure your anger has a positive affect on your children - Healthy Anger Self Esteem Building Kit
  • How to guarantee healthy outcomes after being angry - Your Healthy Anger Visualization Tool
  • How to change your anger to have more fun with your children - Your Golden Ticket to the Parenting Fun Park
  • How to extinguish the angry fire building inside you - The Emotional Body Scan Reliever
  • How to not lose control when you’re angry - Stop the Emotional Hijacking Drill
  • How to stop yelling at your children when angry - Your Healthy Angry Choices Menu
  • How to feel better after being angry with your children - Fill Your Healthy Anger Toolbox
  • How to control your angry thoughts, rather than your angry thoughts controlling you - Tame Your Angry Dragons Plan
  • How to change your gut reaction to your kids pushing your buttons - Angry Brain Training Fitness Plan
  • How to stop blaming your children for your anger - Anger Ownership Agreement
  • How to know the right things to say when angry - Your 2 Healthy Angry Communication Styles
  • How to form the words of a healthy anger response - The 3 F’s of Assertive Anger Response
  • How to understand the origins of your anger - Building Your Anger Tree
  • How to reduce the costs of your anger - Reducing Your Anger Costs Worksheet
  • How to figure out the rewards of changing your anger - Your Anger Payoffs
  • How to understand why you behave a certain way when angry - The Needs of Your Angry Behaviors
  • How to change your beliefs about your anger - The Myths of Your Anger and Your Philosophy of Anger
  • How to change your anger communication style - 4 Types of Anger Communication
  • How to change to healthy conflict resolution with your children and other family members - The Healthy Conflict Resolution Family Game Plan
  • How to vent your anger in healthy ways - The 5 W’s of Healthy Anger Venting
  • How to get unstuck in your parenting anger - Your Lifetime Anger Extraction Membership
  • How to better understand the nature of children when angry - MrsPies Angry Growth and Development
  • How to reduce angry outbursts in your children - The 3 C’s of Emotional Control
  • How to teach your children to control their anger - The Anger Glitter Jar
  • How to be the calm parent that other parents admire - Stand In Your Power Calm Parent Mentor Plan

and much, much more!

"I realized the #1 cause of my anger and I changed it quickly!"

"I can now finally enjoy spending time with my kids!"

"My anger is my choice and now I choose to show it differently."

"Now my healthy anger is helping my whole family!"

"My kids' friend's parents all want to know what I did to change!"

In this simple, interactive multimedia course you will learn how to:

  • understand and express your anger much differently
  • stay calm when you feel angry - NOT lost control
  • express your anger in healthy ways
  • feel better - rather than worse - after being angry
  • feel closer to your kids and other family members after being angry
  • be the calm parent your family needs you to be
  • have other parents around you model your behavior of healthy anger

PARENTS: Welcome to the Healthy Anger Toolbox

(99-page multimedia curriculum included - study at YOUR pace)

Your instructor: Marty Wolner ("I've empowered hundreds of parents to quickly change their anger")

Module 1 (30-45 mins):

  • Benefits of Exploring Your Anger - Discovering the #1 Cause of Your Anger
  • Understanding underlying causes/needs of angry behavior
  • Anger Concept Demo #1
  • Anger is a secondary emotion. What else are you feeling?
  • Continuums of Anger Activity
  • Video clip - The Causes of Anger
  • Anger Concept Demo #2
  • Healthy Anger Tools #1 , #2 and #3 (including foundational Emergency Healthy Anger Tool for in the heat of an angry moment)

Module 2 (30-45 mins):

  • Myths of Your Anger
  • Your Brain on Anger
  • Calm the Amygdala activity
  • Your Anger Styles/Expression of Anger
  • Video clip - The Angry Brain
  • Your Philosophy of Anger
  • Anger Philosophy activity
  • Anger Concept Demo #3
  • Healthy Anger Tools #4, #5, #6

Module 3 (30-45 mins)

  • Your Anger Triggers
  • Why It's Hard to Change Your Anger
  • The Impact of Your Anger on Your Children
  • Anger Concept Demo #4
  • Three (3) Major Styles of Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution activity
  • Constructive vs. Destructive Anger
  • Changing to Healthy Anger
  • Assessing Anger Needs
  • Healthy Anger Tools #7, #8, #9

Module 4 (30-45 mins)

  • Emotions are Contagious
  • Anger Concept Demo #5
  • Healthy Venting of Your Anger
  • The 5 W's of Healthy Venting
  • Your Communication Styles of Anger
  • Healthy Anger Communication Activity
  • Video clip: Angry Communication
  • Modeling Healthy Anger for Your Children
  • Healthy Anger Tools #10, #11, #12

Module 5 (30-45 mins)

  • Your Healthy Anger Situations
  • Anger Concept Demo #6
  • Your Healthy Anger Log
  • Healthy Anger Log activity
  • Your Anger - Your Choice
  • Your Assertive Anger Communication
  • Anger Concept Demo #7
  • Assertive Anger Communication activity
  • Healthy Anger Tools #13, #14, #15

Module 6 (30-45 mins)

  • The Nature of Children
  • Common Ways Children Trigger Adults
  • Child Triggers activity
  • The Impact of Your Anger on Your Children
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Benefits of Your New Awareness of Your Anger
  • Your Healthy Anger Toolbox
  • Healthy Anger Toolbox activity
  • Healthy Anger Tools #16, #17, #18

🔥 🔥 🔥 BONUS EXTRAS 🔥 🔥 🔥

➡️ Personalized Healthy Anger Log app download

➡️ Personal Stress Plan - The One Minute Calm Down

➡️ Low Stress Cookbook - 62 full color pages of low stress deliciousness

➡️ LIFETIME ACCESS to all Healthy Anger Tools - video clips, audio clips, and downloads.

You get 1-on-1 support throughout the entire program!

100% GUARANTEED to quickly change your anger.



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6 video modules, multiple activities, demonstrations, downloads and surveys

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Quickly Change to Healthy Anger for Parents

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